Athletes to blame for one-dimensional view

  The good part about the new direction of journalism is that it’s so immediate. Breaking news arrives instantly and goes worldwide. But it comes at a high cost, considering the decline of long form and in-depth reporting. While there are still publications that provide great long-form material, many are caught up in the minute-by-minute frenzy. Which brings me to my point. I saw where Bill Simmons’ HBO … Continue reading»

Taysom rocked, but NFL’s on another level

College football is a phenomenal product. The atmosphere is unique — at least at stadiums where the teams are good. One photo I’ve repeatedly seen is that of Taysom Hill vaulting over a Texas defender, back when Hill had far fewer miles on the odometer. Nice leap. Then there’s New England’s LeGarrette Blount, who showed how it’s done in the big leagues.     One is a man … Continue reading»

WSU’s Mike Leach actually has a point

Mike Leach has a point — which isn’t always the case. The colorful Washington State coach is claiming his football players are being unfairly singled out by the Pullman Police Department. His complaint is that when parties erupt into fights, how come – according to him – only the football players are “accused or charged.” That sounds like a possibility to me, because players are often challenged by … Continue reading»

Whit’s leather pants remark out of line?

Some are saying Kyle Whittingham’s comment on Fox Sports sideline reporter Shannon Spake’s attire was unacceptable. Others say it was harmless. Whatever it was, it came after the Utah-BYU game — which nearly always triggers some kind of weirdness. I thought it was a little strangely timed, but that’s all. Considering Whittingham’s wife has appeared in leather pants for games, on occasion, his remark seemed to be just … Continue reading»

Making sports writing good writing

I always considered my job great, but not for reasons one might expect. For me, it wasn’t being around sports every day as much as being around writing. I bring this up because I am seeing increasing numbers of sports enthusiasts getting side jobs with fan websites. But the draw to them isn’t the writing; it’s the fandom. They soon realize that if you’re in it to be … Continue reading»

Rapinoe, Spirit: Both exercising rights

Megan Rapinoe has the legal right to kneel during the national anthem, to protest her feeling about injustice in America. But the ownership of the Washington Spirit has the right to make its own statement. The National Women’s Soccer League team’s owner moved the anthem up, Wednesday night, while the Seattle and Washington D.C. teams were in their locker rooms. That way it avoided Rapinoe drawing attention by … Continue reading»

Protesting away the games

  With all the protesting going on, will the games continue? That’s something to worry about. Colin Kaepernick got things going when he refused to stand during the national anthem. Now teammate Eric Reid and Seattle’s Jeremy Lane have followed suit. Soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who is gay, is kneeling during the anthem as “a nod to Kaepernick.” This is a country where such protests are allowed – … Continue reading»

New stadiums could learn from old USU

    The grand  tour of the new press box at Utah State will occur Thursday, before the Aggie-Weber State football game. I wish I could be there. But I’ll be writing a column on the Utah-Southern Utah game at approximately the same time. I bring this up because the new press box has an elevator. Back in the day, at least one sports writer I knew avoided … Continue reading»

Even pro athletes need a budget

Rachel Terrill, wife of former NFL player Craig Terrill, provided a fascinating look into the finances of professional athletes. In an piece, she details how even wealthy players often end up scraping for cash, just like everyone else.  She begins by noting there is a wide disparity among player salaries. Her husband Craig was earning $230,000 as a rookie, but they had gone to a team dinner … Continue reading»

How low-key do athletes like Durant want to be?

  Reports are saying Kevin Durant’s Olympic experience was “therapeutic” for him. They go on to say the move to Golden State will be good, because he can blend in with other high profile talents and just play basketball. I actually know what he mean. I have talked to former Jazz players who stayed in Utah after retirement and said it can be trying to remain – especially … Continue reading»