Utes vs. Cal: the game I saw (or didn’t)

As the story goes, New York Times reporter Sam Goldaper once saw coach Pat Riley in the hallway after a Knicks game. “What happened?” Goldaper said. Riley said something like, well, you saw the game. To which Goldaper said, “No, I mean literally. What happened? I was back in the press room writing my story.” His deadline was so tight, he didn’t time to actually see the end … Continue reading»

ESPN host says Utah is a ‘brand name’

You don’t have to introduce ESPN’s Rece Davis, host of GameDay, to Utah. “I think they’ve been brand name for awhile,” he said on Friday to a small media gathering. “People are pretty familiar with what they can do. Obviously I didn’t expect them to go in and trounce Oregon the way did…so I think this is a test in which they’re going to find out how much … Continue reading»

Should college be “cheesy?”

A few years ago I got asked to teach a course in sports writing at the University of Utah. I’m still doing it. The question I often field from students is “Can I make this a career?” My overall answer is yes. Just not necessarily the career it used to be. I’ve sometimes wondered if there’s any point in teaching transitions, rhythm and mood to a generation that … Continue reading»

Move exams for MLB playoffs? I didn’t

A professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is being applauded by sports fans for allowing a student to take his midterm exam on an alternate date, because the student scored Cubs playoff tickets. Here’s how the conversation went, per SI.com:               Maybe it’s because going to games is a job for me. Or because I figure college is about doing things that are hard — … Continue reading»

Devonate Booker best Ute RB ever?

Listening to former BYU quarterback and offensive coordinator Brandon Domon on the 1280-The Zone, this week, I heard him say he’d love to have coached Utah’s Devontae Booker. The subject came up as they discussed Booker’s halfback pass for a touchdown in the Oregon game. That was the second time in a week I’d heard such praise. Speaking by phone with Detroit Lion Kaelin Clay, an ex-Ute, the … Continue reading»

Ute Kenneth Scott: receiver, prognosticator

In the department of semi-interesting leftovers, I’m going to repeat part of a conversation I had with Ute receiver Kenneth Scott, a few days before the Utes beat Oregon 62-20. I said, “How do you feel about your offense?” The Utes came into that game 11th in the Pac-12 in total offense. His response: “I’m not really too worried about it. The opportunity’s going to come. It’s just … Continue reading»

Why there couldn’t be a Yogi Berra today

I’m thinking. Gimme a sec. Thinking… Nope. I can’t think of any current athlete like Yogi Berra. Nor do I think one would be allowed to exist. The famous former Yankee passed away on Tuesday at 90, leaving a void unlikely to be filled. He wasn’t just funny; he was unique. Nobody did malaprops like Berra. Here we go with a few of his famous quotes, via  the … Continue reading»

Are Pelicans ripping off the Jazz?

The New Orleans Pelicans announced a new uniform combination, and it turns out they look a lot like (surprise!) something the Jazz would wear. On one hand, you can say the Jazz originally came from New Orleans, so the city can legitimately claim ownership of the Mardi Gras colors. At the same time, I thought the Hornets/Pelicans had moved on. Here are a couple of looks: And here’s … Continue reading»

Frank Layden: The Jackie Robinson way

Frank Layden, the former Jazz coach, says the greatest quote he ever heard is on Jackie Robinson’s tombstone. “A life is not important,” it says, “except in the impact it has on other lives.” Layden lives by that. Long retired as a basketball executive and coach, he gives approximately 100 speeches a year, all over the country. Most of them revolve around that theme. He speaks on the … Continue reading»

Learn to trash talk with ex-Ute Steve Smith

Steve Smith, the former Ute, is a notorious trash talker. Now you can be, too. Just donate to the Steve Smith Family Foundation and enter to win the chance to be instructed by the best…at trash talking. Though Smith has made headlines more than once with his brash comments, he has been consistent at fighting domestic violence. Considering the NFL’s recent issues with such things, this is worth … Continue reading»