LeBron is just a cupcake

I see where LeBron James sent cupcakes to his nearby neighbors in Ohio, this week, apologizing for the traffic problems his return caused. ESPN.com reported that the accompanying card read: “Dear Friend: We know things have been hectic in our neighborhood these past few weeks and we are sorry for the chaos. We are so thankful to live in this wonderful community and we are so blessed to … Continue reading»

Should college sports exist?

A recent interview with Norma Carr, retiring athletics director at Salt Lake Community College, produced some candid thoughts on the future of college sports. Among other things, she said, “I’m all for giving what are necessary educational expenses, but not for giving them everything they want in life, either.” This came prior to an ESPN report today that said 60 percent of the nation’s top recruits favor unionization … Continue reading»

BYU: In Big 12 or out of sports biz?

Norma Carr, retiring athletics director at Salt Lake Community College has never been one to mince words. If she had, she wouldn’t have been a pioneer in the Utah sports community. So she didn’t mince them this week when asked about the possibility of colleges shuttering athletic programs. Specifically, she was asked about BYU-Hawaii and BYU-Idaho closing the doors. “I was in total shock they did that to … Continue reading»

Utes, don’t make mountains!

The Internet has been awash with pictures, lately, of supposedly new Ute football uniforms that include a mountain theme.  Fortunately, that may not be the case. Tim Montemayor of 1320-KFAN got a confirmation on that.         Anyway, the mountain idea was something from the mind of a 10-year-old, if you ask me. The intent was apparently to be like Oregon, which has no problem whatsoever … Continue reading»

Can USU’s Stew Morrill stay among top 50?

People in Utah already knew this. Now plenty of others know, too. Utah State basketball coach Stew Morrill has been named among the top 50 coaches in the nation by ESPN. He is one of two Mountain West Conference coaches to make the list, the other being San Diego State’s Steve Fisher (18). It’s an interesting time to watch USU basketball. In the Aggies’ first year in the … Continue reading»

Dante Exum or Karl Malone, who’s best actor?

  I underestimated Dante Exum’s talent as an actor, last week when he came to Salt Lake He came across as likable, composed and mature. But I didn’t quite catch his acting ability, until I saw these videos a few days ago. Foot Locker did a nice job of catching his sense of humor. For instance, there’s this…   And this… And this… Don’t stop now…   And … Continue reading»

Donovan, Ronaldo: guys who get it

It’s easy by reading stories about Aaron Hernandez, etc., to get the impression most professional athletes are selfish tools who lack conscience. Then other stories pop up that make you reconsider. For instance, why soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t wear tattoos: he wants to be eligible to donate blood and bone marrow. In some countries, a waiting period is required for anyone who has had tattoos applied. While … Continue reading»

Australia’s not the mystery of Exum

The mysterious thing about Dante Exum is that he didn’t play college basketball. He’s still 18 and has been playing for the Australian Under-19 team. So while it’s true he’s from a distant land, most of the mystery is because he’s so young. There has been a handful of Aussies in the NBA before, but most of them played college basketball in the U.S. Utah’s Andrew Bogut played … Continue reading»

BYU to Big 12: Make them an offer

While late-season scheduling has been an issue for BYU ever since going independent, bowl access seemed to be a bigger topic at BYU’s football media day on Monday. So the Cougars say they’ll be ready should a conference invitation arise. Athletics director Tom Holmoe said, “Right now we feel we’re in the best position we can be in. Three years ago, when we went independent, we weren’t looking … Continue reading»

Smokeless tobacco’s stain on kids

I don’t need anyone to tell me that smokeless tobacco is an enticement for young baseball players. When I was a kid, I loved to put several sticks of gum in my mouth and keep it in the pocket of my cheek. I looked like a squirrel, but I thought it looked good. Fortunately, before I was old enough for chewing tobacco, my baseball aspirations had died. But … Continue reading»