Elgin Baylor: If I could turn back time

  So I wasn’t imagining it. Elgin Baylor was that good. My favorite basketball player, growing up, was Baylor. The way he hung in the air, released the ball, played at the rim. But in the ensuing years, I’d started wondering if it was my imagination. He isn’t often mentioned with the all-time greats. Which made it all the more interesting to me when ESPN.com rated him the … Continue reading»

Is Utah “football fanatical?”

  I sometimes hear a radio ad that says, “We love our sports here in Utah.” The message is that this is a hotbed for football fanatics. Turns out they might be wrong. In a study done by WalletHub.com, the top 245 markets in the country are ranked a piece entitled “The 2016 Best and Worst Cities for Football Fans.” Salt Lake was ranked 221st out of 245. … Continue reading»

Bring back Jeff Hornacek

    Remember a few years ago when Jeff Hornacek was on top of the world? The Phoenix Suns coach had his team at the verge of the playoffs. Fans in Utah griped that the Jazz should have hired Hornacek as their coach, instead of Tyrone Corbin. But according to several published reports, Hornacek has been fired as coach of the Suns, following their 19th defeat in 21 … Continue reading»

Clippers already teaching Griffin a lesson

Blake Griffin will surely learn lessons from the incident this week that caused him to break his hand , punching out the Clippers’ assistant equipment manager. First, getting into fights is seldom if ever a good solution. But there’s another, less obvious lesson he should already have committed to heart: how to own up. In that, I have to give the Clippers credit. They didn’t try to cover … Continue reading»

Entitlement, me and Andie MacDowell

And now, a rare foray into covering and commenting on film stars. I’m completely on Andie MacDowell’s side on this. The model/actress made headlines this week after revealing on Twitter that she had been bumped to coach on an American Airlines flight, despite buying a first class ticket. She had purchased the ticket, she said, for the comfort of her rescue dog. While she did receive some sympathy, … Continue reading»

Should women coach in NFL?

Kathryn Smith was hired Wednesday as the first fulltime assistant coach in NFL history. The Buffalo Bills say she’s well prepared for the challenge. I don’t know everything a special teams quality control coach does, but I doubt it matters. The point is that her appointment is a first. We’ll find out later whether it was a strong hire. Some say women should never coach in the NFL … Continue reading»

Sports figures love the media — yeah, right

Nick Saban, the irascible Alabama coach, said after his Cotton Bowl win that he liked the media. “I do like you, so thank you,” he said. Saban has been a noted media grouch over the years. Meanwhile, sometimes media critic Kevin Durant told reporters after Sunday’s shoot-around that he doesn’t hate them. “I’ve seen over the last couple of days, or couple of years, actually, that I hate … Continue reading»

Don’t hate on Utah, BYU coaches

I had spoken to a group a few years ago when someone came up afterward and said, “Well. I guess you’re a better guy than I thought you were.” Thanks for that…I guess. Nice to know someone had decided beforehand. This has been on my mind lately because of all the controversy over whether Utah should play BYU in basketball. It’s an understandably emotional deal. I’ve been writing … Continue reading»

Relating Jazz to the Rams’ move

  The news that the Rams and Chargers are approved to move to Los Angeles got me feeling sorry for the fans in San Diego (which might yet keep its team) and St. Louis (which won’t). This in turn got me thinking about the NBA and the Jazz. In numerous sports, this is how it works nowadays: Stadiums get outdated and owners demand new or greatly renovate facilities. … Continue reading»

An antidote to BYU-Utah stress

I had to laugh at the BYU fan on Twitter, last week, amid all the drama over Utah not playing BYU in basketball. I won’t include the slang, but in essence, here’s what she said: “EVERYBODY! CALM DOWN!” Good point. Or at least people should focus elsewhere. I’ve received some long rants, some repeat rants, and a lot of chiding and mean-spirited correspondences lately. I skip most of … Continue reading»