Murph: Betting worse than PED’s

Which is worse, betting on baseball or using PED’s? Dale Murphy, the former Atlanta Braves’ star, in an interview last week, said it’s betting.   Murphy isn’t a guy who makes enemies, and he isn’t about to now. He says he thinks Pete Rose has paid the price and deserves to be associated again with baseball. But asked about the comparative severity, he said, “I would, just off … Continue reading»

George Karl another ‘star victim’

George Karl is history in Sacramento. He told the Sacramento Bee that he never felt the Kings fully had his back when it came to controversial star DeMarus Cousins. “Eighty percent of the time, I think the Kings did what had to be done. But I’m old-school enough to think that a coach has to feel powerful, has to feel supported — and I never felt that level … Continue reading»

Satellite camps: Spending like it’s going out of style

  The NCAA Board of Directors met on Thursday to consider its recent ban on satellite camps and reversed itself, saying it wants to review the entire recruiting process. The original concern was that some schools (read: wealthy) were getting a recruiting advantage. For instance, Michigan held camps in seven states last year. At the same time, Utah’s Kyle Whittingham has been clear that he favors allowing such … Continue reading»

Long season a culprit in diminished NBA playoffs

So Chris Paul is out, likely for the rest of the playoffs. That may be soon, considering Blake Griffin is also out for the playoffs. How far can the Clippers go without their two best players? Meanwhile, Golden State’s Stephen Curry is out a couple of weeks with a sprained knee. It’s possible he won’t be at full speed when he does come back. Injuries like a broken … Continue reading»

Ute freshman QB shows true promise

  Sometimes it’s as much about presence as talent. And sometimes a team is lucky enough to have both. Ute freshman Tyler Huntley was a good story coming out of Saturday’s spring game. He finished with 233 yards and one touchdown on 17-26 passing. But more than that, he combined presence and physical skills. Finding a marquee quarterback has been an ongoing problem for the Utes over the … Continue reading»

Will ‘gimmick’ FB league work in Salt Lake?

I’ve been in Salt Lake City for a lot of stuff. Men’s and women’s pro volleyball. Roller hockey. Several soccer incarnations. Minor league basketball. Men’s and women’s minor league football. Roller derby. Pro rodeo. And of course indoor football. I see where another offering is on the way. The Indoor Football League’s newest franchise has landed in West Valley City at the Maverik Center. The hook is that … Continue reading»

Fourth and long for Johnny Football

  Johnny Manziel got fired this week by his agent. That’s not easy, but he managed. That was the second agent that has fired him. To use a Jerry Sloan phrase,  he has gotten crosswise with his team, teammates, girlfriend – who accused him of abuse – and two agents. The only people who really want him around now are the people at TMZ. They love this stuff. … Continue reading»

Playoff whiff would have helped Jazz

  Watching the Golden State Warriors running away from Houston on Saturday, I said to someone, “Well, maybe it’s better the Jazz didn’t make the playoffs.” I was thinking aloud, but didn’t really believe it. Considering the way the Warriors are playing, I’m still convinced the Jazz would have been swept in a first-round series. One or two of the games would have been fairly close, but the … Continue reading»

NBA uniform advertising: Can you handle it?

  I was surprised it took so long for the NBA to approve the sale of corporate logos on jerseys. Soccer teams have been doing it for decades. Racecar drivers look like fast-moving bulletin boards. Long ago I conceded it was going to happen. I figured ugly uniforms are better than failing finances. The question is whether teams really need the money, or are just driving greed. ESPN … Continue reading»

Prediction: Moms won’t end football

  Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has a message for moms: Get with the program. Arians reportedly said at a coaching clinic on Friday that football is the best game ever invented, but “we got to make sure that moms get the message, because that’s who’s afraid of our game right now. It’s not dads, it’s moms.” Later, he elaborated via Twitter: Apparently he’s worried that the game … Continue reading»