Meyer Gets Mad

I liked Urban Meyer when he was at Utah, but always figured he was a control freak.

It seems to work for him.

He once threatened to cut off media access to Ute players because too many reporters were asking about the prospects of his team going undefeated. I don’t know if a column I wrote had anything whatsoever to do with it, but he softened his stance after I pointed out that LaVell Edward put up with the same questions for 25 years at BYU.

My point was that if you’re good enough to be a target, be a target.

Now comes a more disturbing incident, whereby Meyer calls an Orlando Sentinel reporter Jeremy Fowler a “bad guy” and threatens to ban the Sentinel from Gators practices because Fowler quoted wide receiver Deonte Thompson comparing Tim Tebow to current quarterback John Brantley thusly: “You never know with Tim. He can bolt. You’ll think he’s running, but then he’ll just come up and pass it to you. You just have to be ready at all times. With Brantley, everything’s with rhythm, time. Like, you know what I mean, a real quarterback.”

The odd part is, Fowler clearly wasn’t looking for controversy and neither was Thompson. He was simply saying Brantley is more of a traditional quarterback, not a fullback/quarterback like Tebow.

But that didn’t stop Meyer from blasting into Fowler.

Protecting players is one thing, but going ballistic over an fairly innocuous quote like Thompson’s is something else entirely.

I’m thinking Meyer needs to take more time off than he already has.

Do you agree or disagree with Meyer’s objection?

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