Try keeping eligible

I can’t say that I’ve read the NCAA rulebook, end to end. Hence, I’m pretty clueless as to the nuances of what constitutes a recruiting violation.

I know this much: It’s tricky business, even for coaches. Former BYU coach Roger Reid once asked me if I’d memorized any of the 400-page books I read in college. He went on to say that’s what it’s like trying to avoid making mistakes with the NCAA. I think they should have 10 simple rules and put them on a card that players can carry in their wallets.

When Jeff Chatman played basketball at BYU, I met him for breakfast so we could do an interview. Afterward, I offered to pay for his breakfast but he declined, saying he wasn’t sure, but it might be an NCAA violation. That hadn’t even dawned on me. I’m glad he said it, though. I’d hate to have been responsible for getting BYU on probation.

Anyway, in case you think it’s easy navigating the NCAA landscape, take this test:

And I thought staying eligible for frequent flier miles was complicated.

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