My Simpsons moment: D'oh!

In my column on Saturday, I wrote about Utah’s Pac-12 celebration and referred to commissioner Larry Scott as Michael Scott.

Michael Scott is the star of popular TV sitcom “The Office.”

Nice screw-up on my part. Weird part is I don’t often watch “The Office.” If you had asked me who the boss is on the TV series, I couldn’t have told you.

This isn’t my first dumb move. A couple of times through the years I covered games and forgot to include the score. Then there was the time I referred to Chicago coach Phil Johnson, rather than Phil Jackson. I referenced motivational speaker Tony Roberts, when he’s actually named Tony Robbins.



But the granddaddy of all my screwups was when I referred to BYU’s Copper Bowl loss to Oklahoma – a game the Cougars won 31-6. As I recall, I got about a hundred e-mails on that one.

I’m not alone. Years ago, a writer at our paper used a game program to identify players from two teams he covered. Turned out the program was one he had on file from the previous season. He got almost every name wrong in the paper the next day.

I’ve seen numerous wrong references to names, such as Derek Harper instead of Ron Harper. I’ve also seen former Ute linebacker Stevenson Sylvester referred to as Sylvester Stevenson.

My favorite, though, was the Trib writer who referred to Weber basketball coach Joe Cravens as Wes Craven (Nightmare on Elm Street).

When I look at the thousands of articles I’ve written over my career, I guess I’m lucky I haven’t made more stupid mistakes. It still doesn’t make me feel better.

In fact, I feel like a regular Heber Simpson.

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