Europe isn't NBA's panacea

The longer this NBA lockout goes — just five days so far — the less I think it’s going to last beyond a few months.

It’s not like there are a lot of $25 million (or even $4 million) jobs out there.

I see where a few players are moving on to play in Europe. USA Today reports that centers Nenad Krstic and Hilton Armstrong will play in overseas next season, as will undrafted guard Ben Hansbrough from Notre Dame.

“I don’t think you will see a lot coming here,” Krstic told USA Today. “Europe is not in a great situation financially. There are only four or five teams now that can offer much to NBA players, and those teams right now are almost full.

“That’s a problem for NBA players. It was a reason why I had to go right away. I got maybe the best contract in Europe because of that.”

It is indeed a problem. Euro teams can’t have all American players. Besides, if the American league is hurting, and the American economy is in trouble, you can bet it’s the same way in Europe.

Kobe Bryant has talked about getting together a barnstorming team to play in China.

Honestly. How much discretionary income is there in China? I can’t picture him making $25 million playing over there — the amount he is scheduled to earn this year in the NBA.

There really aren’t many player options. And though they insist they’ll wait as long as necessary, I don’t think so. Millions of Americans have had benefit or salary cuts, and had to accept it. They knew they probably wouldn’t do better going someplace else. I’m not sure the NBA is that much different.

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