Utah, BYU and the speed limit

It’s a good thing the speed limit isn’t still 55 along I-15 at Point of the Mountain.

Otherwise, it could get ugly around there.

A story in the Dominion Post, of Morgantown, notes that freeway drivers in West Virginia are being treated to billboards that say: “70: It’s not just our speed limit.” An orange replaces the zero in 70 to commemorate WVU’s 70-33 Orange Bowl victory over Clemson this year.

Officials at the university say it’s marketing tool.

Which brings us back to I-15. Remember the score of last September’s BYU-Utah game: 54-10? That was speed-limit close, too.

The closest Utah has ever come to a taunting billboard was the old ’90s bumper stickers that said: “Utah 34, BYU 31 — Get Used To It.”

Of course, in 1989 there was that 70-31 BYU win, which would have been freeway-worthy.

Maybe it’s best to leave the scores on the scoreboard.

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