Mailman and Miller: End the drama

The drama surrounding Hall of Famer Karl Malone and Jazz CEO Greg Miller took flight again on Monday night when the Mailman showed up unannounced and sat squarely under one of the baskets.

Ironically, it was almost the same spot where Miller‘s late father Larry got into a scuffle with a Denver fan during the 1994 playoffs.

The Mailman arrives incognito...not

Malone‘s arrival sent the media into overdrive. Again. The obvious story was whether the two had made up after the spat they had earlier this month. The Mailman had accused Miller of undercutting Jerry Sloan in 2011, leading to Sloan’s resignation. Malone also said he had to buy tickets to a Jazz game from a scalper. Miller fired back by saying in a blog that Malone was lying.

Although they met after the game in the coaches’ office, neither would talk about the conversation.

I understand  they may think that divulging details of the conversation might keep the drama going. But it’s going on anyway and will almost surely continue indefinitely. If they don’t reach some sort of closure, then every time Malone comes to a game, the same story will replay itself. If they have resolved their issues, why not say so?

Top public relations people will tell you that messy stories go away quicker if you get them out in the open and quickly resolved.

That’s one difference between Larry and Greg Miller. The elder Miller would be mad at the Mailman but later he’d apologize and they’d usually make up fairly quickly. Malone  never liked to stay mad at Larry for long and vice versa.

By  revealing nothing, Malone and Miller made a common mistake people in the public eye make: They failed to reach any sort of closure. Hence, a story that should have ended weeks ago still has legs.

(Here’s a link to a column I did in 2010 with the Denver fan who Larry Miller scuffled with in 1994.)


  1. Bob McGregor

    How much longer is the media…and columnists…gonna keep this old story alive? Karl and Greg are two studs that have differing points of view and when the media takes sides nothing gets settled. What happened behind closed doors should stay there period. I believe they settled the problem and its only the media who want to continue to play games that are the problem.
    Or perhaps Greg and Karl want this to continue in the media to take some of the media pressure off these young lions who, if given a chance, can make a go of this franchise. Let’s see what happens on the court and not in the offices guys and gals huh?

    • Brad Rock

      Mailman in one seat, Greg Miller not far away. First time they’ve been in the same building since the problem. That’s a story no news organization wants to miss. Even if it did, it would look like the only organization not doing its job.

      I actually thought the newspaper coverage was pretty subdued, considering one accused the other of lying….

      I don’t think it’s contrived to take pressure off the players, though. I don’t see Greg and Karl working closely together on an agenda like that.

      Karl and Greg can finish this thing easily enough. Or even agree to disagree. Not a problem if they just get it out there.

  2. Scott

    This is a big yawn to me. I never liked either one of them and this is in great part, why. They act like two spoiled little brats out on the playground in kindergarten. I also don’t understand why people want to know about what happened between these two guys. I have no interest when I go to read about our home team and find soap opera stories. So here is my suggestion, cover the Jazz, the men on the court or even the bench. Leave this nonsense to some other section. To Greg and Karl, go see a therapist or duke it out. You are looking real silly.

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