‘Human Pogo Stick’ has to go

The best news for Jeremy Evans isn’t that he won the slam-dunk competition at All-Star Weekend. Or even that Governor Gary Herbert declared Wednesday “Jeremy Evans Day” in Utah.

It’s that he got significant minutes in the Jazz’s win over Houston.
With Paul Millsap out with an injured foot, Evans logged 22 minutes, seven rebounds, three blocks and four points.

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Naturally, the TV announcers were praising “The Human Pogo Stick.”

That’s where they lost me.

I hate that nickname.

Of course, I always thought calling Dominique Wilkins “The Human Highlight Film” was dumb, too. I just can’t get into calling any human a “human” anything.

Admittedly, I pick and choose when it comes to nicknames.  I cringed when someone attempted to nickname former Ute running back Eddie Johnson “The California Comet.” Same with Robbie Bosco. Someone wanted to call him the “Roseville Rifle.”
Nowadays there don’t seem to be as many nicknames, if you leave out boxing, UFC, wrestling and such. A lot of times, it’s just a derivative of their real name or initials, like D-Will,D-Wade or K.G.

The last really great Jazz nickname I can remember  was “Dinner Bell” Mel Turpin.
Antoine “Big Dog” Carr didn’t completely bother me. Mailman? The nickname came to Utah with him.

As for Jeremy “The Elevator” Evans, meh. Better than a pogo stick, but still.
Anyway, here’s my proposal: Let’s help “The Human Pogo Stick” out by getting him a better nickname. Please, no “Human Rocket Ships” or “Human Space Stations.” Here are some ideas you can vote on to get started. If you hate them, post your own suggestions in the comment section.

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