What’s wrong about John L. Smith


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I sometimes roll my eyes when I witness indignant fans that rail on coaches who move on. I wonder what they expected.

It did give me pause when Urban Meyer left Utah for Florida, but not because he left after two years. It was because he said beforehand that he wasn’t leaving if the school gave him the support he needed to win. And it did. I thought he had been fairly disingenuous.

Now comes word today that John L. Smith, who has been Weber State’s coach for 140 days, is leaving to take the Arkansas job. That’s right, Smith accepted the WSU job, then turned around and accepted the Razorbacks’ job before coaching a single game with the Wildcats.

This isn’t just a case of the spurned small fry (Weber State). It’s a matter of keeping your commitments, even when it’s not advantageous. Not only did Smith leave without actually coaching there, he left his alma mater high and dry.
Who are the Wildcats going to get at this point? Bobby Petrino?

At any rate, unless Weber State somehow violated the terms of its contract or commitment, I can’t think of a fair reason why Smith would leave. ESPN said Smith approached Arkansas about the job.

Yes, he could win a national championship. Sure, the money will be infinitely more. But a promise is a promise.

He didn’t say he’d stay at Weber forever. But he didn’t say he’d be leaving before they¬† unlock the stadium, either.

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