Boozer: Champion or Loser?

The curious case of Carlos Boozer just keeps going.

He is soft spoken and non-confrontational, but at the same time condescending and glib. He produces numbers but not championships.

After last week’s 1-11 shooting performance in Game 6 of the playoffs – which eliminated the Chicago Bulls – Boozer was criticized for declaring, “We had the best record again in basketball, won our division again, had the top seed again, that’s all that matters, yo.”

Meanwhile, a Chicago Sun-Times blog quoted Jazz coach Ty Corbin praising Boozer’s time in Utah.

“I worked with him for all the time he was in Utah, and some of the stuff that I heard about him after being here, I didn’t understand,” Corbin said. “The guy came in to work every day. He was great with our group of guys. He came in early before games to get himself ready to play. If his shot wasn’t going in, he stayed after to work. He would come in and work extra. Great teammate. Versatile guy.”

Boozer played in all 66 regular season games this year, one of only three Bulls to do so. That was a wide turnaround from the Boozer who missed dozens of games with the Jazz, due to injuries.

I’ve always felt Boozer was a self-oriented player, who could put up impressive numbers. But not a guy to be counted on when things got really tough. (OK, there was that one playoff year with the Jazz…) Yet respected people like Corbin say it’s a bad rap.  Let us know where you fall on the Boozer meter.

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  1. Mark in Montana

    I cannot say Boozer is a bad guy as I don’t know him and likely never will. What I can say is that he put forth, in my opinion, about 75% effort most of the time. There were times when his effort level would hit 90% or even 95%, but those times of extra effort didn’t result because he was trying to help out the team. The extra effort came from helping out himself, any positive aid to the club was simply coincidental. I don’t think he ever went out of his way to be difficult, destructive or negative, but I also never saw him be positive or helpful for just the team’s benefit.

    I believe that Boozer is 100% about, well, Boozer. His on again, off again divorce was more of the same. It was all about Boozer and nothing else really mattered. I wasn’t sure, so I checked, and just as I thought, when I looked in the dictionary under ‘self-absorbed’ there is a photo of Boozer, laughing it up on the sidelines while his team was losing. There was also a photo of him under narcissistic as well.

    Boozer may win a ring someday, but it will come about as a sideline for him. He will just happen to be on a championship team, a championship team that results from the hard work and dedication of others. The reason he was so hated in Utah is we had almost twenty years of the side of the coin in Stockton and Malone. Those two guys felt that they owed the team and fans, so they gave 100% every night. Boozer believes that he owes the fans nothing and the team to show up every night, just that he gets to sit on the sidelines about 30% of the time… them sick days or time off, whatever you want.

    I heard someone else say it first, but thought it was spot on accurate. Boozer played in every game this past season only because it was shortened season and he forgot that there would only be 66 games instead of the normal 82. For Boozer, playing in 66 out of 82 is about right. The rest are sick days or vacation days.

  2. Brady

    I’d sooner root for Fesenko, Koufos, Korver, Brewer, Kirelenko, Williams or Ronnie Price than Boozer. In fact, I’d sooner cheer on that short white dude the Jazz dragged into the last part of the season instead of Boozer. Boozer’s defense is atrocious, his namby-pamby injuries are outrageous and his pathetic excuse for successful season (best record? big whoop) is beyond logic. Is there any wonder why he sat at the end of the bench in the fourth quarter – just like he did in the Olympics?? He’s an afterthought when compared to a real player/leader only he’s getting big money to do it.

  3. Ben

    I did not like boozer’s lack of drive for the game but he is a talented player. I always delivered when he was on the court. He does have a lust for money but I think that he just forgets that the public is watching him constantly. Some times I think how the team would have done if boozer was in the line up over Al but who knows. I just wish some of the NBA players would grow up and be leaders or have the heart like the legends that used to be. Hard work like Milsap, Favors and Caroll were amazing. If only we could get rid of the cancers like CJ and Raja.

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