BYU’s McMahon: It’s (again) time to induct


Ahem. As I was saying when I was so rudely interrupted.

OK, not interrupted, but at least ignored.

Four years ago I wrote a column urging BYU to put Jim McMahon in the BYU Hall of Fame. As with most of my suggestions for BYU, it went unheeded. But finally some movement.

This week, BYU athletics director Tom Holmoe wrote on Twitter account @TomHolmoe: “My work is not done w/o #9 hanging from press box at LVES.”

” LVES” meaning LaVell Edwards Stadium.

McMahon replied via @JimMcMahon: “thx Tommy new I could count on u ! Gonna try I work on those credits my man ..”

Considering he used the word “new” instead of “knew,” you have to wonder about that degree.


Put Mac in the Hall of Fame. He’s 10 credits shy. Figure out a way to get him some CLEP credit. Let him take some correspondence courses. Whatever. He hasn’t always been a typical BYU graduate, what with the DUI and mooning helicopters. But he has done numerous charity events. And to repeat myself, it’s not a Hall of Fame if a guy who set 70 NCAA offensive records isn’t included.

With McMahon fighting early onset dementia, the time to make it happen is now.

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  1. Bluto

    Time to replace banners of 2nd rate BOWL Games on the Press Box, with every BYU Hall of Famer and all 11 All-American Quarterbacks.

    In reality, the numbers are not actually retired anyway.

    Honor all the greats!

    Honor Jim now, with the condition that he completes 2 courses by next summer.

  2. Henry Rucker

    I have always like McMahon, and I want him in, but like anyone he needs to do what is required. Graduation.. I am sure he has time to do it, just get it done.

  3. Jeff Watson

    It’s long over due. Don’t wait until he won’t be able to enjoy it. Jim is a huge part of the greatest era of BYU Football and it’s shameful that he’s not been inducted yet. Have some Tradition, Spirit and Honor and get him in the BYU Hall of Fame. If we turn our back to a guy has done so much for BYU and BYU sports then our hall means nothing. At the least give him an honorary degree he’s earned it.

  4. BJ Wilcox

    It is way past due, why are we waiting for him to be in a condition that he can’t enjoy what he has coming. He is by far one of the greatest QB’s ever and yes he is rough around the edges, but we should still welcome him with open arms. I think he has proved he can be successful in the World that should be worth 10 credits!!!!!!!!

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