Should BYU, U. admit the season’s over?



Last week was eventful for Riley Nelson. Early in the week, the BYU quarterback was asked about social media fans that are saying BYU’s season is over. Nelson responded by saying one particular tweeter was “not a true fan.”

Following a loss to Notre Dame, BYUtv asked a similar question, to which Nelson replied that he had no comment, but added “if things don’t go as perfectly as they thought, maybe they’re not as true fans as they thought they were.”

Clearly, Nelson is getting tired of the negative comments.

On one hand, it’s understandable that he’s irritated. What’s he supposed to say? If he chafes at critics, he looks thin-skinned and even arrogant. If he shrugs it off, it looks as though he doesn’t care.

I don’t think BYU’s season is over, not even now. I still find upcoming games interesting. (OK, I find Georgia Tech interesting.) I’ll still tune in, if I’m not watching in person. But certainly their national championship aspirations are finished, once they lose a game. It will be that way as long as BYU remains independent.

But I don’t think Nelson needs to admit, “OK, the critics are right – the season’s over.”

That would be grounds for being benched.

Unless you like losing every single game, there’s always something to play for.

Likewise, I’m still moderately interested in Utah’s remaining schedule, even if its title dreams are over.


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