Malone says “never” to obesity

Karl Malone can get grumpy, but almost every time I’ve seen him since his retirement, the former Jazz player has been his humorous and sometimes serious self.

For instance, when I started asking him on Tuesday about staying in shape, and how he does it at age 49, Malone said, “I don’t do anything.”

Then he laughed.

“Let me just say this,” continued. “Every time I turn the TV on or go to some event, I see an athlete that motivates me. I say I don’t want to look like that. Seriously. I’m not calling names, but I was just at a football game with Texas A&M and Louisiana Tech and I saw an athlete who I look up to and my son said, “Dad, you’re not going to look like that? And I said absolutely not.”

“The second reason is you might try a dao (a large combat sword) one day and I gotta defend myself for little while. But no, it’s just a way of life.”

Meanwhile, former teammate John Stockton said he’s not yet ready to step into the game as a coach. Five of his six kids are still playing organized sports and he doesn’t want to miss any of it.

“Not just yet,” he said when asked about coaching. “Sam is still 11 and five of our six kids are still playing. I don’t want to miss that for anything. I enjoy watching them and competing.”

Stockton went on to say he doesn’t miss playing competitive basketball, but what he does miss is the camaraderie with teammates.

Both players were in Salt Lake Tuesday to be inducted into the Utah Sports Hall of Fame.



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