Stockton as a coach

Karl Malone has made it no secret he’d like to coach. He has said so publicly.

But John Stockton?

He left the door open on Tuesday, if only slightly.

Photo Gary McKellar, Deseret News

The former Jazz guard was asked at the Utah Sports Hall of Fame banquet whether he’d consider coaching. He replied, “Not just yet. Sam (his son) is still 11 and five of our six kids are still playing. I don’t want to miss that for anything. I enjoy watching them compete.”

Stockton took a lighthearted approach when asked if he can still “dominate” any of his kids in pickup games.

“I dominate if my teammates are better,” he said. “I can still pass to the right guys and run up and down the floor a little, but I can’t guard my kids anymore, except Samuel, who is only 11. But they can all pretty much guard me with ease.”

There are a lot of ex-players who are coaching in the NBA, but not many great players became great coaches. Phil Jackson, Pat Riley and others were only average or slightly better. Magic Johnson stayed in coaching for just 16 games. Larry Bird lasted three seasons.

What’s your opinion on the possibility of Stockton coaching in the NBA?

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