My NBA diet



I see by reading Jim Burton’s story in the Standard-Examiner that Jazz forward Marvin Williams has improved his diet. As recently as last summer he ate up to seven candy bars a day.

It went straight to his thighs.

Just kidding.

Just add celery

Seriously, it has to be hard to eat right when you’re a pro athlete. It’s not like they can’t burn off the calories. So it’s a matter of nutrition, not the fear of weight gain that motivates them.

I remember one year seeing a slim Jazz player  eating chili dogs at 7:30 a.m. in an airport. I saw another player eating a gigantic slice of cake, also before noon and also at an airport. Then there was the time a player was eating a jumbo bag of Skittles. He offered me some, and when I said no thanks he said, “Fine. All the more for me.”

Until then I thought they were all on some strict training diet.

Let me just say that I’m no better. My wife does a fine job of helping me make good nutrition choices, by preparing meatless dishes several times a week. But when I’m on the road, it’s Katie-bar-the-door.

I can’t say I’ve squirted Cheez Wiz directly into my mouth, but close. I once finished up work late at night and realized I hadn’t eaten for 12 hours. I ordered buffalo wings and fried cheese sticks from room service and topped it off with New York cheesecake.

I know. Disgusting but heavenly.

I don’t often get in those moods anymore, mainly because I’m not often in the mood for angioplasty.

Anyway, kudos to Williams, who said he feels better and lighter.

That’s something anyone – not just a pro athlete – should be able to appreciate.


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