College basketball, back off!



Willamette. Simon Fraser. Findlay. Grand Canyon.

What, no YMCA?

College basketball is here, but who would know it? Utah, BYU and Utah State have already played the aforementioned schools in preseason games. Does anyone want to see those? No.

It’s still November.

I want to see college basketball in November as much as I want to see football in March.

I’m starting to agree with former BYU coach Ladell Andersen’s refrain. He advocated that college hoops not start until after Christmas so losses didn’t ruin his holidays.

That might be impractical, but do they really need to play over 30 games a year?

According to official attendance figures, BYU drew 13,181 for its last game, which is a nice crowd but it still leaves 8,000 empty seats. Utah drew 6,242 for Willamette and USU got under 8,000 for Simon Fraser.

Remember, those are sold seats, not actual attendees.

With college football so big and the NBA season just starting, colleges should at least knock off the November roundball games.

There are pockets in the country where college basketball is a big deal all year (hello, ACC). But most people just don’t tune in – mentally or physically — until after the bowl season is over. I’m not saying the NCAA could wait that long. But I do have a rule of thumb they could use: No basketball until the temperature drops below 35 for 10 straight days.

Florida, Texas, Arizona, you’re on your own.

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