Jordan Wynn: QB’s get all the breaks



Jordan Wynn has been out as a Utah’s quarterback for two months and he’s already a full-time assistant coach.

Yes, that’s pretty fast. He’s been hired by former Utah offensive coordinator Norm Chow to coach the quarterbacks at Hawaii, without having to serve as a graduate assistant. I guess he gets credit for time served, since he’s been on the sidelines each of the last three years while he waited out injuries.

Photo by Jeffrey D. Allred
Deseret News

My first thought was that Wynn still needs seasoning. But considering Norm Chow is the head coach at Hawaii, I’m going to give this a hmmmm rating, rather than full-on thumbs down. On one hand, Wynn has no real coaching experience. But since Chow is a legendary offensive coordinator, he should be able to step in if Wynn gets in over his head.

Still, you have to figure the Utes have a lot of confidence in their quarterbacks. Brian Johnson became an offensive coordinator a few days before his 25th birthday. Wynn is 22. Johnson and his offense are struggling at Utah, where the Utes are 104th in passing, 99th in rushing. There are reasons for that, mainly due to a freshman quarterback. But still, it doesn’t look good.

Meanwhile, Hawaii is 98th and 116th in passing and rushing. It would be hard for Wynn to do worse than that.

I’m not saying both the aforementioned coaches won’t eventually succeed. Both have reputations for being smart signal-callers. But what this tells me is that high school coaches aspiring to move on to college  need not apply – unless of course they want to go the traditional route, becoming poorly paid grad assistants and then grinding slowly, ever so slowly, up the ranks.

Moral to the story: It’s nice to be the quarterback, even after you’ve stopped being quarterback.

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