BYU, Utah: Which most boring?


The football season is winding down and it isn’t what it used to be.

The Utah-BYU game happened months ago. It used to occur at the end of November, but nowadays there’s no such drama. Utah is out of the bowl picture. Meanwhile, BYU is headed to the Poinsettia Bowl — but that was a given since long before the season began.

The Utes are playing Colorado in a meaningless Pac-12 game today and BYU is playing New Mexico State in an even more meaningless non-conference game.

So which is more interesting? Or should we say the least uninteresting?

There’s not muxh entertainment value in a game between bottom-feeders, even if it is a big-name conference like the Pac-12. At the same time, BYU beating NMSU by 50 points isn’t going to be interesting, either.

I used to think winning always trumped losing, no matter who the opponent. But after seeing BYU beat up those kinds of teams for the past two years, I’ve kind of changed my mind.

At least in the Utah-CSU game there will be some suspense as to the winner.

But don’t’ take my word for it. Vote here — and try to be objective.  I don’t mean would you rather watch BYU than Utah, or vice versa, but which you would be more likely to watch — a pointless conference game or a pointless, one-sided non-conference game?


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