Coach says Jimmermania will last

In case you were wondering, Jimmermania won’t be going away anytime soon – at least in Utah, and at least according to his coach.

Last week I asked Kings coach Keith Smart how long he thought the Jimmer Fredette hype might last in Utah, to which he replied: “When you are great guy and you’ve played well, and you’ve done things well — the area you come back into, you’re going to be loved forever.

“As long as he plays basketball, he’ll have that effect here. No matter what he tries to do – restaurants, car dealerships —  he’s going to have that connection here because he’s done great things. I’m not promoting him right now, but I just think that happens when you do something good. I have that feeling a little bit after 25 years of going back to Indiana, you still have that.”

Smart’s prediction seems likely if last Friday’s Kings-Jazz game at ESA was any indication. The cheering and booing were split nearly 50-50 when Fredette was involved. Shawn Bradley, Andre Miller and Andrew Bogut had similar experiences after moving on to the NBA, but eventually those died down.  There’s always some local support, but mostly they just become another opposing player.

Whether it’s personality, prominence or his catchy name, it seems to me Fredette’s popularity in Utah is likely to go on for quite  few years – as long as his career does, too.






  1. Henry Drummond

    I would be interested in knowing how well he is liked in Sacramento if anyone knows. It seems that one of the reasons he was drafted was to sell tickets. Has that worked out?

  2. Jimmer Fan

    Jimmer is 4th in pts per 48 minutes played and 12 in PER in the NBA! We keep hearing he won’t make it in the NBA, he won’t start, blah, blah, blah, the Kings are aweful, have an aweful Coach and a losing record. Why not play Jimmer 30+ minutes and see what he’s capable of, see if the scoring, PER, assists, FT shooting and improved defense sustain over increased minutes, what’s the worst that can happen, the Kings might lose! Smart is not Smart, either get rid of him or trade Jimmer, Jimmer’s done the work and for minutes played is currently one of the top players in the NBA, there’s no excuse not to play him, except maybe until other changes are made the Kings will probably get no better. Jimmer’s history have proven he is destined to be an impact player, if the Kings don’t utilize him, they will be kicking themselves when he pulls a Linsanity and takes his marketability elsewhere!

  3. jaba166

    Can’t agree more!! And Jimmer could do even better if he could get into the flow of the game, not playing in fits and starts like his ridiculous coach forces him to do. He could also do much better if his teamates weren’t such ballhogs, and would actually attempt to set him up for success sometimes. Still, can’t believe the depth of his positive attitude and work ethic through all this – I guess it’s why he’s Jimmer, and well, I’m not.

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