Spurs coach cheats fans



Everyone knows San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich tends to be arrogant and rude with the media.

Now we know he’s that way with fans, too.

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Popovich drew the ire of NBA commissioner David Stern, this week, when the coach sent his best players home to rest for an upcoming game, rather than playing them against Miami.

A similar thing happened last year against Utah. But that was Utah. This was Miami, and a nationally televised game. Popovich strategically had key players like Tony Parker and Tim Duncan miss the game in order to rest up for Memphis, thus cheating viewers and fans out of the cable fees and arena tickets they purchased.

What does he care?

Stern released a statement calling Popovich’s move “unacceptable” and promising sanctions.

Jerry Sloan said he never sat his stars for entire games because he didn’t want to short-change fans who paid hard-earned money to watch the best players in the world.

Popovich has always professed admiration for Sloan.

Looks like he should look a little closer.

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