Gary Andersen: Right choice, wrong method

I’m not a fan of “no comment,” but in this case, it would have sufficed.

Since Gary Andersen left Utah State for Wisconsin, I’ve seen people on both sides of the debate make their claim. They both have a point.

Saying “Would you pass up that kind of money?” doesn’t fully explain it to me. Eighty thousand fans at Wisconsin games says more than money. So does 19,000 fans at the season finale in Logan.

Photo by Laura Seitz
Deseret News

Andersen knew that despite the significant strides, USU would never consistently be bigger than third in Utah.

For those who say he was disloyal, I would say that no fan should ever expect a coach to stay too long. To me, four years was a decent amount of time. Andersen stayed long enough to resurrect USU football.

Where Andersen went off track was the way he handled it: awkwardly. He didn’t say he wouldn’t leave. He used vague phrases like “at this time” and “I plan to be here” when asked about his permanency. Saying Logan was where he needed to be isn’t the same as saying he wouldn’t leave.

The Wisconsin job came out of nowhere after he had deflected interest from Cal, Kentucky and Colorado.

I don’t believe he lied. He used semantics to leave the possibility open. In the end, though, a simple “ no comment” would have made Aggie fans feel less betrayed.

Now all I want to know now is what he’s going to do with that Aggie tattoo on his back — and if he’s going to get a badger tattoo, once he settles in Madison.


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