Mitchell: NFL drama best on sidelines



Want to see the real story in an NFL game?

Watch the sidelines, not the field.

That’s the advice of former NFL and Ute quarterback Scott Mitchell. I called him on Saturday regarding the Lomas Brown controversy and in the process, he talked about the reality of pro football.

Associated Press photo


“Someone asked me when I was first in the NFL, ‘What’s it really like?’ I said it’s more entertaining to watch what happens on the sidelines than what happens on the field,” Mitchell said. “Players are screaming and yelling at each other, coaches and players screaming and yelling. Guys get so emotional that they cry. It runs the gamut. It was amazing.”

Mitchell said when he began in pro football (1991) he “had the perspective where we were all teammates, we were all in this together, and then you start realizing what some guys are like – all they care about is money and self.”

Mitchell went on to say that he later realized that “these are all human beings and have different life experiences and their personality doesn’t change because they’re part of this program.”

For more on the record-setting Ute quarterback and the controversy over a (purposely?) missed block, check back on later today and in the New Year’s Day print edition of the Deseret News.

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