No fiscal cliff for Barry Alvarez



I’m pretty jaded when it comes to the salaries of those who play and coach sports – to the point that Gary Andersen’s $1.8 million per year deal at Wisconsin (not including incentive bonuses) didn’t even raise my eyebrow.

But this did: The $118,000 Barry Alvarez got for coaching the Rose Bowl. Had he won, he would have collected another $50,000.

This from a man who already makes $1 million as Director of Athletics at Wisconsin.

He was subbing in for Bret Bielema, who quit abruptly to take the job at Arkanasas.

I know big coaches generate big bucks, so it’s not exactly the same as being an office assistant or school teacher. But how many times in normal business does someone quit a job and everyone else has to fill in for awhile? Most of the time the fill-ins don’t even get overtime.

Everyone’s been mad at Congress, because it couldn’t get its fiscal act together, yet House and Senate members earn  $174,000 a year for their trouble. Had Wisconsin defeated Stanford, Alvarez would have made only $6,000 fewer than a congressman makes in a year.

I know most Washington politicians made their big money in the private sector. Still, I’m going to be careful next time I use the phrase “those rich guys in Washington.”

Meanwhile, Alvarez is definitely one of the people whose taxes are going up.

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