Shoot like Hornacek



Deseret News photo

I’ve interviewed Jeff Hornacek quite a few times on on the nuances of perimeter shooting,and I can’t remember a time he just said, “It’s a gift.”

Nor did he say you’re born with it.

Every time, he says it’s a lot of work.

I agree, but I also think I could practice until the sun burns out and still not have Hornacek’s touch.

While interviewing him for my Wednesday column on Randy Foye, Hornacek basically repeated himself.

“What I say to Randy is to shoot before and after (practice). He does. It takes a ton of work. When he’s working on shots, he’s not just taking shots, he’s really focused. He’s a self motivated shooter and making himself work on shots. We’ve got guys who do that, but there’s not a lot you need to tell him. He works hard at improving himself. He’s a very professional guy when it comes to working at his game.”

When I asked him if players are natural born shooters he said, “A lot of shooting is confidence. When you’re making some, your confidence goes up.”

OK, coach.

That three-point shot I never had?

I’m working on it.



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