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I see where Dan Marino and a co-worker had a love child in 2005.  I see where he financially supported the child but says he’s still committed to his wife of 28 years and their six kids.

Sometimes, though, I wonder why I’m supposed to care.

Dan Marino/AP photo

It’s all mildly interesting, I admit. The story has pure gossipy news value. But as Valentine’s Day nears, I have to confess I’m feeling a little romance-worn. The Marino revelation, Manti Teo’s bizarre phone romance story, Tiger Woods possibly getting back with his ex-wife…

Not to mention keeping track of the endless stories about which star athlete is dating what supermodel.

I’m exhausted.

I used to think celebrity dating was mostly for People magazine. Now the lines have been blurred between sports and entertainment to the point I’m not sure anyone’s following the games anymore. I’ve always been a fan of the stories behind the story, the personalities and poetry of it all. But what’s wearing me out is the celebrity-ness.

Long ago I had a political writer ask me why sports media didn’t do more stories on athletes who cheat on their spouses. I told him it wasn’t exactly the same as a political figure, whose affairs might compromise national security or affect judgment.

I said unless you could prove a decline in playing-field production was tied to infidelity, it was hard to justify snooping in personal business.

Looks like I was behind the times.

A few years later the story broke of Karl Malone’s children that he had fathered when he was in college.

Nowadays, celebrity/athlete dating and/or cheating is a significant part of the news, as is celebrity/athlete drama.

I guess I should call my sources.

Or at least start watching “Basketball Wives.”

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  1. John Charity Spring

    Rock is wrong. He says that it doesn’t matter that Marino has engaged in immoral conduct. It does matter because Marino has been held up as a role model for millions of impressionable young people. These youngsters will imitate Marino’s immoral behavior, resulting in vast hordes of illegitimate children just like Marino’s. This is why Marino should be fired and punished in the most public way possible, to discourage copycats.

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