Ducking the puck



In case you haven’t seen the video of the NHL reporter who took a puck to the head, here it is.

Let me hasten to add, he wasn’t the first.

When I started as a reporter, we had a hockey writer who had a puck sitting prominently on his desk. When I asked about it, he said he had been watching a Salt Lake Golden Eagles practice and something similar happened – the puck got out of the rink and into his face. He had to have stitches over his eye.

I can’t say that has happened to me, though I did have my son at an Eagles game once and a puck came into the stands. We recovered it without incident. The only chance of injury was in the scramble for the puck.

Our newspaper has had plenty of photographers get plowed under by end sweeps in football; lots of baseline basketball photographers get nailed on the fast break.

It’s all in the job description.

What isn’t in the description is injury due to fan boorishness. I once sat near a writer at a college basketball game who got nailed by a thrown metal ingot. The writer had to have stitches near his eye before he could finish his story.

Usually if I’m at the sidelines of a game of any sort, I take the prudent approach. Instead of standing my ground, if the play/ball/puck comes my way, I turn and run. In those circumstances my 40-yard time is impressive.

I may not have salvaged my pride, but I still have my ACL.

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