Spring FB at Y. a whole new ballgame



Spring football has begun at BYU, and from my vantage point, that’s a fairly big deal. Daily updates in the papers and on the radio, breathless reporting of who threw how many passes in practice.

Boy, has that changed.

Photo: Ravell Call, Deseret News

When I was a college beat writer in the 1980s, spring football was an afterthought. The beat writers were usually immersed in NCAA basketball and the Jazz at this time of the year. Football was something that didn’t start up until August. The beat writers only showed up a few of times during March and then covered the spring game. Now the Utes broadcast the  game! Beat writers are at every spring practice.

Football season now covers pretty much any time of year.

I’m not complaining. I have to admit that following Jake Heaps’ move to Kansas will be interesting, as will the offensive changes at BYU. Utah? The off-season has been surprisingly interesting the past three years. First it was Norm Chow’s arrival as offensive coordinator, then Brian Johnson’s promotion, now the addition of Dennis Erickson.

In Logan, the Matt Wells era begins and at Weber State, Jody Sears – who signed a contract with no guarantees beyond this year – is working without a net.

All interesting stories.

In the past, those were stories for fall camp. Now they’re all spring stories.

As they say on the TV commercials, Deals are happening now! Why wait?

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  1. mermeid6

    A football defense has 3 levels of defenders. The defenders closest to the ball are the defensive line and are considered the first level of defense. The second level of defenders is made up of linebackers. The third level is the secondary who are also referred to as defensive backs. Typically the defensive line are the biggest guys on defense. The linebackers will be the type of player who has to be strong and fast and will be the best tacklers on defensive. The secondary will be smaller guys need to be able to run fast and cover wide receivers.

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