Ex-Ute Kruger: Location, location, location



Some say it doesn’t matter what school a football player attends. The scouts will find him.

Yes, but  according to two NFL employees who were at Pro Timing Day at the University of Utah, this week, location counts. Paul Kruger, who just signed a $40 million contract with the Cleveland Browns, said playing at a school with 24 or 25 players in the NFL matters to recruits.

Paul Kruger
Associated Press photo

“Absolutely, you want to go to a proven program where you know there’s a chance you can go on and play. Everybody who plays in college wants to go to the NFL,” said Kruger, a former Ute. “Look today (Wednesday), there are 30 guys out there. A lot of guys won’t make teams, but some will, but everyone wants that shot. You want to go to a place where it has a proven track record of putting guys in the NFL. So it definitely makes a difference.”

Utah has struggled its first two seasons in the Pac-12, but Browns’ defensive line coach Joe Cullen said Utah remains a strong place to look for talent.

“There’s no question Kyle Whttingham and Ron McBride and Urban Meyer before him, did a phenomenal job of recruiting kids with toughness – especially kids up front (on defense). I’m a defensive line coach and Utah has had great success on the defensive line. They play really well.”


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