Sports writers and knowing when to quit



If you’re wondering if there’s a distinction between mainstream print journalism and fan websites, it came up last week.

That’s when Dennis Latta, who wrote for, reportedly quit his job over New Mexico’s NCAA tournament loss to Harvard.

Associated Press photo

“I’ve had it. I’ve been to my last Lobo basketball game,” Latta wrote.

Interestingly, Latta was once a columnist at the Albuquerque Journal. But lately he worked for the Rivals site, covering New Mexico. His reason for firing himself? The Lobos had let him down one too many times.

Latta is a good guy. I’ve known him for a lot of the years he covered New Mexico for the Journal. He wrote some fine columns. But I can’t imagine a newspaper columnist quitting over a team losing. All I can figure is that fan site writers have more invested in the outcome. They’re encouraged to care. Objectivity probably isn’t their first priority.

As for me, I’d only quit if they stopped serving food in the pressroom.

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  1. Levin

    There must be more to it than this. What’s he doing now that he can just stop following Lobo basketball? Word is that he’s moving to Florida.

  2. Amazed

    Kudos to Mr. Latta. It’s insulting to have to listen to the constant barrage of sports expertise that spews from cable, radio, and the internet, only to watch these so called experts lose their shirts when the actual games are played. Of course Florida Gulf Coast is a low seed – who travels in their entourage? Of Course the Lobos are a high seed – they bring a sea of red. Ever wonder why the “bracket” doesn’t list arenas? Follow the money – it’s the NCAA people. I know that next year I’ll be the expert with the bracket on the wall, and a hand full of darts. Kudos again for the man with the courage to finally admit that he was wasting too much useful time chasing a pipe dream. Here’s hoping he can eventually enjoy a game or two!

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