Tiger slogan is a fail



Marketing is an inexact science. Some things seem silly or obnoxious, yet they work beautifully. Others are well crafted but just never get out the message.

Then there’s the latest ad by Nike, on Facebook and Twitter, that pictures Woods sizing up a shot, overlaid with the phrase “Winning takes care of everything.”



I wonder if his ex-wife and kids agree.

The idea was apparently to show that Woods is back on his game, again No. 1 ranked in the world. But it still sends the wrong message. After the mess he made of his personal life and, for a while his golf game, insinuating that winning is all just doesn’t work.

I’m no pitchman, but I’d use something like “Tiger once again.”

Woods has used the “winning” slogan often when describing his game, so I don’t imagine he’s above using it now. But Nike should be.

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