NFL teams wary of Lotulelei health




Speaking with an NFL scout at BYU’s Pro Day on Thursday, I asked him about both Star Lotulelei of Utah and Ziggy Ansah of BYU. I was trying to get a perspective on where the two will be drafted.

The scout, who didn’t wish to be identified, echoed a concern that persists: NFL teams are still wary of the abnormal numbers on a heart test that Lotulelei took at the combine in February.

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“Star has obviously had a rougher off-season (than Ansah), simply because of the heart thing,” the scout said. “There are some questions there.”

He continued, “His workout (at Utah) the other day, I thought he looked a little out of shape, like he hadn’t done much in a while. But when you turn the tape on, he’s a good player.”

Then the scout went back to Lotulelei’s health, even though the former Ute says subsequent test results have been normal.

“I think the biggest thing,” the scout said, “is making people feel secure and safe and good about it, health-wise. But he certainly is a first-found talent, which both these kids are.”


  1. Ron Ettle, West Valley

    Read your own paper! Star’s situation looks bright, pending a final medical test by the NFL! He’ll go No. 3 to Oakland. Go Raiders!

  2. Josh

    “I thought he looked a little out of shape, like he hadn’t done much in a while.” So to be clear, he took some time off after an abnormal test result but still tied the high on the Bench Press at the combine, and this guy thinks he looked out of shape? No wonder this guy wants to remain anonymous, because he’s an idiot. The way some NFL teams want to spend their money.

    • Jason

      Being ‘in shape’ and bench pressing a lot are very different. Having said that, I think it’s totally understandable that he’s out of shape a little since he would have had to take some time off with the heart concern.

  3. Josh

    I should probably apologize to the scout that I just bashed. Anyway, the scout could be attempting to talk up the health concerns in an effort to dissuade other teams from using their draft picks in order for him to possibly fall to his team.

  4. gnfshn

    I am excited for both players and I realize they play very different positions but I am astounded that Ansah is being tabbed ahead of Star by some scouts. I think they both have bright futures but day 1 Star is going to callapse the pocket and stuff the run. Ansah on the other hand is going to be a 3rd down pass rusher at best his first year.
    If I was drafting a player in the top 10 I am drafting an every down starter period.

  5. Gary

    Do the best players always go first? No. Maybe the teams at 1-5 don’t need someone at Star’s position but need a fast DE. Star is a great player and will be a force wherever he goes. Ziggy will eventually be a star but will probably take a few years to develop.

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