Fifteen minutes of fame: What not to wear


            Hearing Jazz beat writer Jody Genessy say last night that he got a haircut and put on a tie for an ESPN interview – only to learn it was an audio-only interview – made me laugh. It made coach Tyrone Corbin laugh, too.

            And, of course, Jody himself laughed.

Sony Pictures/Associated Press
OK, so maybe I’m a little tense before going on-air.

            It mainly amused me because I’ve been there, too, having agreed to something without knowing the details. For instance, I’ve driven through blizzards to be a guest on TV shows, only to find out they only wanted me for three minutes.

            Jody’s predicament reminded me of the time KUER, the University of Utah’s public radio station, asked me to be a guest. But for some reason I was thinking it was KUED, the television station. I figured I might as well put on a suit. (I guess I could have put on a turtleneck and a beret and it would have worked, too, but that’s another story.)

            A full-on dress suit and tie, not just a blazer, became my choice.

            I went over to the studios, and not until I got in the booth did I realize it was a radio appearance.

            Yes, I looked pretty geeky.

            Thankfully host Doug Fabrizio refrained from saying, “What is WRONG with you?”

            Then I went to a college class that I had to teach that day, still wearing a suit.

            Andy Warhol said everyone will eventually be famous for 15 minutes. In that case, I have only this advice for when the media calls: find out the details.

            If it’s radio, you can save yourself the trouble of ironing a shirt.


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