Utah football: Let receivers run free

            You’ve heard it, and if the spring game was any indication, it’s true: Utah’s quarterbacking situation is vastly better.

            Or at least vastly deeper.

            Utah has five quarterbacks on scholarship for next season, led by starter Travis Wilson. Co-offensive coordinator Brian Johnson said in Sunday’s Deseret News that Pac-12 rigors demand that good teams have NFL-level quarterbacks. But there were other key additions.

Adam Schuz Deseret News Photo

Adam Schuz
Deseret News Photo

            “We really like where we are, especially in the offensive line. We really helped ourselves there with addition of some guys, so we can hit the ground running in fall,” Johnson said.

            Johnson freely admitted the quarterback situation had become shaky in recent years, but said that will  change.

            “It was kind of a 2-year-long process and we made a concentrated effort to develop quarterbacks and the offensive line,” he said. “We’ve finally got to where our recruiting has caught up to the point we need to have in order to be successful.”

            Adam Schulz, who will likely be No.2 on the depth chart, praised Johnson for “giving me the chance to show what I can do.”

            Shulz probably has the strongest arm of any of Utah’s quarterbacks.

            As for offensive production next fall, he is predicting a considerable improvement.  

            “We have a plan to air it out a little bit, get the fans involved and let our fast receivers run,” he said.


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  1. 007

    Mr. Rock sure seems excited that Utah now has a sophomore who hasn’t proven anything, a walk-on, and a bunch of freshmen at quarterback. Didn’t we hear all about how much better Utah’s quarterback situation was last year as well?

    • Realism


      He’s excited because he’s smart enough to figure out that Utah’s QB situation really has improved. Having spoken to people on the coaching staff, and having sat through some practices, well, it’s not really a matter of opinion. Our depth is scary good at this point. Travis Wilson has added 20+ pounds and looks and throws much better than he did last year, with the additional reps, Adam Schulz has dramatically improved his game, Brandon Cox is a true dual threat (think RG3), Connor Manning, who shredded Matt Barkley’s records in So-Cal, will be here next month and is chomping at the bit, and Logan Bateman looked great also. Young quarterbacks? Yes. But the options are many, the talent is much improved, and with the O line much improved things are definitely looking up. Any other questions?

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