Stubbornness not serving Tebow



            It was no huge surprise to read that Tim Tebow has been released by the New York Jets.


            With six quarterbacks, there was no reason to keep the guy who raised the profile but lowered the bar when it came to passing. Now it’s debatable whether anyone wants the former Florida quarterback.

AP Photo

AP Photo

            With the controversial Tebow in New York, the story was seldom about his actual game. says he is one of five QB’s in the last 30 years to complete less than 40 percent of his passes (300 attempts minimum) in his first three NFL seasons.


            Stories say Tebow drew interest from several teams as a potential tight end, but he wasn’t willing to go along.


            I figure he should do it for one big reason, aside from possible playing time: to change the perception.


            Tebow has been a lightning rod due to his squeaky-clean image and devout Christianity.  When he played poorly, it seemed to invite more criticism.If Tebow would agree to switch positions, it would take the heat off as a quarterback and show he’s willing to change.


            Everyone knows Tebow is a determined guy and that he doesn’t like to give up. But it also takes character to change positions and succeed there.


            If Tebow were to switch to tight end and do well, it would not only refurbish his image, but add to the legend.


            This is one place where stubbornness isn’t the best quality to have.



  1. Timothy Jumonville

    let me see if I can put this in a way that you might understand. Let’s assume for a moment that you’ve been writing feverishly all since high school, all through college, winning awards and such for your writing. Let’s also say your employer here, whatever this page is, asked you to clean the bathrooms. Would you say, “Sure!”? You have spent your life training and desiring to be a writer, winning awards and accolades doing so, but they want you to clean bathrooms. Would you say “I really want to work here, so I will clean bathrooms” or would you say “I will see if someone else will let me do what I’ve been doing all my life.”? Would that be stubbornness or commitment to what you know that you can do?

    • A to Z

      It’s one thing to win awards for your writing in high school and college. But then the level of competition, and the expectations change after that. If you’ve written successfully then you would probably be stubborn, but if you haven’t had success recently then you should probably consider alternatives. The other thing is, if Brad Rock were to be released, he could probably find a job at a smaller paper. There aren’t really a lot of “smaller” places to play football. There are some, but if Tebow wants to stay in the NFL, he should probably switch positions. I agree with BR.

  2. Greg Hayes

    See Timothy, the problem is that since College Tebow has not won any accolades or been praised highly for his position at quarterback. He has been criticized and scrutinized for his awful play. It’s not as if he hasn’t been given a chance to try and prove to others (the ones that pay him) that he can actually do what he says he can do. With those chances though he has not proven anything except that he can’t play the position. It would be like if Brad Rock had been writing for a couple years as a Sports Writer but was horrible at it and therefore the DNews decided that they like his work ethic and attitude and thought he would be better suited as a columnist for the Business section. However, Brad Rock has been around for years and has proven himself to be a great sports writer where Tebow has proven the opposite when it comes to playing Quarterback. Therefore, in order for him to still do what he loves which is playing football other team have offered him a position as a Tight End because they think he would be better suited there.

  3. Dean

    I mostly agree with Timothy J.. Before switching positions, Tebow should wait to make sure he doesn’t have any other options at playing QB. That’s where he’s made his bread and butter throughout his entire school and professional life.

    That said, playing a tight end is not really akin to cleaning bathrooms. It’s a very respectable position on the offense and shouldn’t be altogether discounted if no other offers to play QB are forthcoming. Tebow has the build, strength and athleticism to do well at that position, and to continue making millions per year while doing so.

  4. CallMeLyle

    Tebow is an all-star tight end just waiting to happen. Reminds me of a BYU RB who finally bought in and led the NFL in catches for a tight end for the better part of a decade. Good thing Tebow doesn’t have an shaggy moustache…

  5. Big Dave

    Tim ought to play where ever he can – from special teams to full back. Someone needs to tell him he can’t play QB. I would say he would be a great special teams player and a goal line full back. Beggars can’t be choosers.

  6. Cam

    Don’t know where you got that less than 40% completion pct stat from cause it’s not true. Tebow’s completion pct thus far is 47%. Not great but considering he spent a full season under John Fox who is a complete buffoon when it comes to play calling…

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