Shorten NBA season, cut injuries

            I think I’ll watch the NBA playoffs this week. There are some nice match-ups ahead.

            So why am I bummed out?

            Because I’m likely to be watching the watered down version of the playoffs. Injuries have combined to make this year’s playoffs considerably less interesting than they should be.

AP Photo

AP Photo

            For starters, there was the knee injury to Kobe Bryant that knocked him – and the Lakers – out of the playoffs. That series with the Spurs wasn’t worth watching. Say what you want about Bryant,  he was always interesting in May and June.

            New York’s Amare Stoudemire is listed as “doubtful” for its next game against Indiana. Speaking of Indiana, did you know the Pacers are missing Danny Granger, out with a knee injury? He was hurt earlier this year, returned for five games, and got hurt again.

            Miami’s Dwyane Wade is listed as day-to-day as well, thanks to a knee problem. Meanwhile, the Bulls have been going without star Derrick Rose, also out with a bad knee.

            Golden State’s David Lee is iffy for Game 1 with the Spurs.

            There’s not a lot to be done about injuries, except maybe this: Shorten the season. Players get worn down over an 82-game schedule and are more susceptible to injuries in the post-season, when the speed and physicality pick up.

            Last year’s 66-game season was fine with me. It didn’t change the playoff pairings and it was shorter.

            I’m assuming unless salaries were cut, it would be fine with players, too.

  That way there would likely be fewer injuries and players would be fresher for the post-season.

                The TV viewing would be better, too.

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  1. Andy Jacobsen

    The season length should remain, but there should be fewer games. More time between games would allow for minor injuries to heal. It would also allow for more practice time. More time for young players to develop.

  2. Greg

    I do want to add one comment to Derrick Rose out with a bad knee comment. He has been cleared by doctors to play for a couple months now. The only reason he is sitting is because the lack of courage and heart from this guy. Him saying that he doesn’t feel 100 percent (more or less he’s scared) to get back out there is ridiculous. You will never feel 100 percent ready for something until you actually try to perform the event that you are holding back from, like playing! That’s the only way for him to get over this fear. I guarantee you wouldn’t see some of the old school hall of famers sitting out like he is.

  3. American Vet

    Every time I hear people belly aching about the season being too long I have to wonder are you really NBA fans? In my opinion what’s too long is the off season. I can’t wait for the season to start every year so to shorten the season just makes the off season that much longer. Playing more games does increase the chance of injuries, but every team faces the same risk so the risks are not heaped on particular teams. Also with what these guys get paid it would even make their salaries more inflated if you start cutting back the season. Just leave things alone so those of us that really enjoy watching the games,even when missing injured players, can continue to be NBA fans.

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