In sports, the boss is still boss

            As much as people like to say a team belongs to the community, apparently that isn’t so.

            It belongs to the ownership — until someone else pays the bills.

            Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder made that clear this week when he told USA Today,  “We’ll never change the name.  “It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.”

               So it’s true. Aside from possible legal options, you can’t make an owner do the right thing.

            Meanwhile, a petition was started earlier this week, attempting to get Preident Obama to demand that the Jacksonville Jaguars sign Tim Tebow to a contract.

            It doesn’t sound like that’s going so well, either, since you know, the President is kinda busy.

            Though the approval rating has dropped in recent years, four out of five Americans still say Washington should keep its nickname. More importantly, so does Snyder.

            Here’s a wild guess: Obama isn’t going to call the Jaguars, either.

              These are two different situations, but they have a common theme.

            I’ve told this story before, and I’ll do it again. It goes back to the 1980s, when the Sun Bowl was changing its name to the John Hancock Bowl. I got some big shot from the insurance company on the line and asked him if he thought it was right to change a traditional name. (His company had contributed something like $1 million in sponsorship money.) He told me that if you buy the church organ, you get to pick the music.

            In that light, let me make a bold prediction: Tebow won’t sign with the Jaguars and Washington will remain the Redskins.

             Now if we can all open our hymn books…




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