Sloan or Malone — which a bigger help?

            Jerry Sloan has admitted to having cursory talks with the Jazz about returning to the franchise in some capacity.

            I wouldn’t expect him to coach again in Utah – either as a head coach or assistant. Hiring him as a mangement figure seems more likely. From what I hear from sources close to the Jazz, Sloan made the final decisions on personnel when he was coach.


Associated Press

Associated Press

The odds of Sloan working with the Jazz again are fairly good, I believe. He has maintained a relationship with the franchise and has always been respected. If the Jazz can hire Karl Malone, they can certainly hire Sloan.

            Speaking of Malone, it seems less likely for him to become a permanent part of the team. After all the sniping that went on with CEO Greg Miller in 2012, I can’t imagine them getting along famously in the long run. Beyond that, how many superstars go on to become great coaches?

Deseret News photo

Deseret News photo

            It’s frustrating for them to get ordinary, sometimes unmotivated players to do the work. 

Still, Malone should have an immediate impact on the Jazz, by working with the front court players on an individual basis. Sloan seems more likely to be around  consistently.

            In any case, whom do you think is most likely to flourish in a return to the Jazz?

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