Has Jazz’s Corbin been treated fairly?

            It was a rare occurrence on Thursday when the Jazz’s Jerry Sloan took the media to task for criticizing Tyrone Corbin.

            That surprised me on two fronts. First, Sloan seldom if ever complained about criticism leveled toward himself as a coach. Second, no media that I recall outright called for Corbin to be fired at the end of the 2012-13 season.


Associated Press photo

Associated Press photo

      Here is Sloan’s comment during his press conference on Thursday: “I think there should be a little bit more fairness sometimes; I didn’t think he was treated fairly by the press, if you want to know my feelings as time was going by, and I think he deserves better than that.”

            He went on to say “I thought he (Corbin) did a great job of coaching.”

            Some say Salt Lake is a “soft” media market that gives coaches too much leeway. I don’t think it’s New York, but it’s not a blindly compliant town, either. Ron McBride didn’t get a free pass at the end of his career at Utah, nor did Rick Majerus. Neither did Gary Crowton at BYU. Gary Andersen was taken to task by some in the media for bolting to Wisconsin after saying he was staying at USU.

             I believe in general the media coverage of Corbin has been  balanced.

            This is what I wrote nine days ago about Corbin’s situation:The Jazz need to get back to making the playoffs every year. If that opportunity is missed in 2013-14, fans can add Corbin to the list of dearly departed. It’s not as though it would be irrational or heartless if the Jazz fired the likable Corbin next year. It would be right on schedule, considering how the league is trending. He had a worse record than five of the coaches who were fired this postseason.”

              My expectation was that Corbin will be allowed one more year to make the playoffs  (he is 0-4 in his one appearance).

             The Tribune’s Kurt Kragthorpe suggested Corbin needed to make the playoffs to prove himself.

            How fairly do you think Corbin has been covered by the local media?


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  1. Rick Saldana

    Corbin has been treated fairly by the press; even though, in my opinion, he is ill-prepared to be the head coach of an NBA team. I would not have been nearly so kind as I have seen most of the Utah press be with Tyrone Corbin.

    It is unfortunate that Corbin requires on-the-job training. In the upcoming season, the Jazz will likely continue to lose games that they should win all because their coach is learning as he goes.

    Last season, Tyrone seemed (at times) clueless about what to do in certain game situations. He also substituted poorly and mismanaged his player’s playing time; overplaying some, while ignoring better players who were sitting on the bench. (Playing Marvin Williams before DeMarre Carroll and giving limited playing time to a much improved Enes Kanter.)

    It’s interesting that this article mentions Rick Majerus; since a top level college coach (like Majerus) would do a much better job of coaching the Jazz than Corbin has.

    Corbin would do well to borrow some Ute game films and watch how Majerus would often beat more talented teams with cast-offs most Division 1 coaches would never have recruited. He would also do well to pay attention to how Majerus managed his player’s playing time and how he substituted to match his player’s strengths against an opponent’s weaknesses.

    Bringing back Jerry Sloan might help Corbin recognize some of the mistakes he made this past season, but neither of them can hold a candle to the real basketball genius who resided in Utah for 14 years … Rick Marjerus.

  2. Rod

    There are not enough choices in the poll. This poll only asks if we think the media has been fair or unfair. What if my answer is neutral, or neither fair or unfair?

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