Does Utah fit in with Pac-12?

Deseret News photo

Deseret News photo

            In an interview this week with renowned coach Dennis Erickson – now a co-offensive coordinator at Utah – I asked whether there is anything he now knows about the football program that he didn’t when he took the job last winter.

            Erickson is a good person to ask about Utah’s place in the Pac-12. He was head coach at Arizona State, Washington State and Oregon State.

            His response: “Yeah, the potential. There’s a tremendous upside, with the community, with the new facility we have now, the fans are great, this university. It’s going to take a little time, but this university is going to be a perfect fit in the Pac-12 and it’s going to have a lot of success, on the field and on the courts. But it will take a little time.”

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  1. Steve Jarvis

    Does Utah fit in with the PAC-12? If Colorado, Arizona and Arizona State are the comparison, Utah does fit right in. None of the four schools including Utah fit in geographically or traditionally with the Pacific Coast. They aren’t considered prestigious academic institutions either.

    If we are talking sports that is another story. Utah is currently competitive in gymnastics in the league. However they are miles behind in all the other sports including the only one that seems to matter–football.

    Utah will climb above .500 in league play at some point and return to a bowl game. That most likely happens in 2017 when they no longer face Stanford and Oregon. Until that happens getting past five wins is going to take some divine intervention.

    • Who am I sir?

      @Steve Jarvis

      “None of the four schools including Utah fit in geographically or traditionally with the Pacific Coast.”
      You are probably correct if the PAC wanted to stay at 8 schools. However, they decided to expand. The four schools added are the best “fit” geographically beyond the coast line.

      “They aren’t considered prestigious academic institutions either.” I will counter this claim with the following facts: The top 3 rating services of World Universities, QS World University Rankings, Time Higher Education World Rankings, and Academic Ranking of World Universities- ranks the University of Utah, Colorado University, Arizona State University, and the University of Arizona between the 25th and 73rd best Universities in the United States and between the 33rd and 330st best Universities in the World. (Higher than 3 of the remaining 8 universities in the PAC-12 and certainly higher than other universities in the Western United States. Now let’s see the support of your claim that they are not considered “prestigious academic institutions”.

      • tylermcarthur

        Your stats on school rankings are correct, but I wouldn’t include a range that extends to 73 and 330 as prestigious. I would say that 25th to 73 is pretty mediocre. And that’s what The University of Utah is – a mediocre, public school.

  2. Ernest Kunz

    Utah’s inclusion in the PAC 12 is beneficial to our community. It’s my hope that the Utes will soon prove themselves worthy of a little less negativity from this publication. Go Utes!

  3. "Journalism"

    Brad Rock just can’t help but put out articles to draw in trolls. He had a nice story — How does a PAC 12 coach view Utah’s progress — and then he turned it into junk. “Coach Erickson says it will take time. What do you think readers? Is Coach Erickson a liar?”
    Classy, Rock.

    • TrueBlue

      You got up on the wrong side of the bed … took the article way too personally and attacked the Rock in the name of ‘Journalism’. Classy, You.

      The Rock is just taking a statement from a coach that he finds interesting and asking the public what they think about it. It’s obvious that Rock is interested in what the public thinks about the statement. It’s not a question of whether we feel Erickson is a “liar” only what the public feels along the lines of his statement.

      I happen to be a BYU fan (from birth) … and I think Utah was brilliant to bring in Erickson to get the offense started and competitive. I believe the Utes will be tough and give BYU everything they can handle (toss-up on guessing a winner) and I can tell you that the Rock gives both schools a fair shot, calling it how he see’s it (an award winning journalist … to boot – no pun intended on the football trophy)

      Good luck to U and Go Cougs!

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