Futureworld: Real Madrid vs. Real Salt Lake?

If you’re among those hoping someday the NBA, NFL or English Premier League will feature regular season transoceanic competition, the concept seems to be, well, building steam.

Actually not steam, but speed.

USA Today reports that the principle behind pneumatic tubes at bank drive-throughs could be employed to build high speed trains that would whisk travelers from Los Angeles to New York in 45 minutes.


The cost would be lower than train, car or air travel.

Such technology could also make trips from New York to London faster than current air travel from East to West Coast.

One reason there are no NBA teams in, say, Madrid or London is the expense and fatigue associated with such long trips. But if something faster than traditional air travel came up, that would eliminate one obstacle.

Still, a pneumatic system seems about as likely as “Star Trek” transporting, if you ask me. I’m not comparing technologies. I’m just saying that construction costs and red tape could bog down  pneumatic travel for decades.

Still, it makes the idea of a league with both Real Salt Lake and Real Madrid seem a bit more intriguing.


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