Saga continues for ex-Ute QB Tyler Shreve

            The memory is starting to fade for Utah fans, thanks to the steadily improving play of quarterback Travis Wilson. Plus, the assurance there are several competent backup quarterbacks in the wings.

            But those Jordan Wynn years were shaky.

            Part of that was the recruiting loss of a couple of talented quarterbacks who went elsewhere. A big part of it was Wynn’s injury problems. But another factor? The non-progression of Tyler Shreve.

Deseret News photo

Deseret News photo

            Shreve was the two-sport prep star in California who met with legal problems after reportedly wrestling his prep baseball coach to the ground. That kept him from joining the Utah football program for a year. When he did, it never worked out. He transferred at the end of the 2011 season, not even sticking around for the Sun Bowl game.

            There always seemed to be some issue keeping Shreve from meeting his potential. For instance, last year when he  missed out on most of a game after two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

            Shreve says he’s matured and people keep hoping. But it looks like it could be another strange finish for him. He lost his starting spot in the first game this year, playing for Riverside City College. He had planned to play baseball at  RCC, too, but that apparently hasn’t worked out.

             Whether Shreve fulfills his potential is questionable, but the window is shrinking. Earlier in his career he appeared to have wasted valuable time by being the victim of his emotions. That’s sad for him. However, his mention of getting a degree is encouraging.

            Shreve didn’t always play by the rules. Maybe his story will be a wake-up to aspiring stars. It can end quickly, once things start slipping. Stardom is never a guarantee. Some of it, Shreve might say, was just bad luck.

            Either way, there are ways to succeed beyond sports. Shreve’s degree might be the best thing he ever accomplishes.

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