Harline says tradition, spirit, honor already at BYU

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            To Bronco Mendenhall’s credit, he admitted his idea to put “Tradition,” “Spirit” or “Honor” on the backs of the BYU uniforms was a bad one.

            Or at least a good idea that quickly went south.

            Ex-Cougar Jonny Harline said this week that he understands Mendenhall’s point, but that it has already been made. Asked how he would have reacted if he had been playing today, Harline said, “I guess I would rather have my name on there. My thought is…if I was a player I’d think it was kinda weird, but I probably would have done it. My take is I think everyone knows what BYU stands for and as they go play, they will have a lot more impact if they just go win games and play hard, and people will recognize that and it will have the impact Coach Mendenhall is looking for. So it’s (the uniform changes) not really necessary.”

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