Karl Malone: Power to the players



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Deseret News photo


            Karl Malone had his contract issues with the Jazz. Every few years there would be a disagreement with owner Larry H. Miller, sometimes when Malone thought too much time had passed between talks.

Still, they remained friends.

            Malone had an agent, but he almost always did his own talking.

            Which is the way it should be, he said last week.  Malone told me players need to take control of the conversation, rather than letting others do the talking. I  love that. There’s nothing worse than a go-between.

            Here is what the Mailman said: “Nowadays you can’t make anybody do anything, but I will tell you this: More young men and athletes should be speaking for themselves, instead of agents and player unions and player associations and all that. When players start doing their own speaking,  when more athletes become accountable on their own – instead of this and that and playing time – the better off they’re going to be. That is what athletes need to do is start being in control of their own destiny.”

               For the Mailman’s thoughts on a pair of current players, go here.

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  1. Rvalens2

    From time to time, I’d bring Karl Malone and John Stockton too – to scrimmage with the Jazz youngsters. He, and Stockton, could teach them more about the Power Forward and Point Guard positions than any coach on the team.

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