How Jimmer sells Jimmer

            The fact Jimmer Fredette did not play in the Sacramento Kings’ first preseason game raised some eyebrows.

            Already at the end of the bench?

            We knew former coach Keith Smart wasn’t a Fredette fan, but coach Mike Malone seems to have picked up where Smart left off. 

Deseret News photo

Deseret News photo

Which means at some point a trade is bound to happen. It’s no secret the Kings have labeled Fredette “expendable,” largely due to his defensive deficiencies.  

            Oddly enough, the perception persists that NBA teams don’t play defense. Yet it is mainly defense that has held back Fredette. Not every team has a Kevin Durant. How to combat that? Play defense.

                        Aside from his scoring, there’s another plus to Fredette: his personality. Despite feeling underused in his first two NBA years, I haven’t seen a single rant by him. He has maintained his dignity and optimism throughout. That should get him some credit in the league. Coaches might not love his game, but they have to love his attitude.

            It’s true there are plenty of guys with good attitude in the league. But there are plenty without. Fredette’s sincerity and work ethic are enough that he’ll still keep getting looks, Sacramento notwithstanding.

            Plus he can still shoot the 3.

            That doesn’t mean he’ll go on to be a star like he was in college. But he’s not ticketed for Euro ball just yet.

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  1. Brent

    I don’t think the questions cover the options. Just because I answered “no” to him becoming a star, being traded to the Jazz, or a starter in the NBA might seem to indicate I don’t think he can be successful.

    I think Jimmer can be a quality scorer off the bench, and that can be a great asset to any team. He has the skills and attitude to be a quality NBA player and I think he’ll be successful, in time.

    • Pro-Jimmer

      I agree–the poll oversimplifies the possibilities. I hope Jimmer proves me wrong, but it may well be that he will never be an NBA superstar. No shame in that–most pro players aren’t ever superstars. Yet Jimmer could–if given the chance–contribute to a quality pro team as a “hired gun” 3-point shooter, like Steve Kerr was for the Bulls during the MJ years.

  2. Kameron

    The NBA has a way of putting the best players on the floor. If Jimmer can help the Kings win, he will play.

    As a Jazz fan, I don’t see that he would play much either. Because he is so short, he would need to play more point. The future of the Jazz is in Trey Burke’s hand and it looks like the Jazz have some good, young guards. A few BYU fans might show up but won’t return if he doesn’t get any playing time. Nobody is going to pay to watch someone sit on the bench.

    There is a place for Jimmer. Not in SLC please.

    • Nate

      I think Jimmer could fit in well into Utah, and given the team needs 3 point scoring and some diversity. As per being too short, I believe Jimmer is 2 inches taller than Trey. Also I think trey just broke his finger. Also Jimmer doesn’t necessarily have to play point guard, and also I like the fact he knows how to win and has a good attitude.

      I do think given the right opportunity Jimmer could improve and flourish, as opposed to playing with the Kings. I guess time will tell.

  3. Osgrath

    Outside of obvious superstars, so much about success in professional sports comes down to the right situation for the right person. This is not to say that Jimmer will be good on just any other team. Steve Young struggled with Tampa Bay but thrived with a suitable coach in San Francisco. It will be interesting to see how things go with Fredette in the future.

    • Darrel R. Thompson

      I like the comparison to Steve Young, and Jimmer’s main task at this time is to keep working hard, preparing to succeed. I would guess there are many scorers in the NBA who still get a shot, such as Al Jefferson…he got quite a large contract after leaving the Jazz, and many have noted his need to improve, and he hasn’t, his defensive game, yet still in demand.

  4. Garth

    Jimmer fans seem to forget that his defensive skills are roughly on par with a traffic cone’s. That’s what’s keeping him on the bench, not his shooting.

    I love how the article says Keith Smart “wasn’t a fan” and Mike Malone has “picked up where Smart left off.” Did it ever cross your minds that maybe it has nothing to do with how much they like the guy? Maybe it’s just that he’s not an NBA-caliber basketball player.

    • OvalaT

      Did it ever cross your mind that maybe if Jimmer was given a real chance that maybe he could prove himself? They’ve done nothing but made him sit on the bench. Pretty lousy situation if you ask me. I hope they trade him to somewhere where he can get a real chance to compete.

      • 2fer

        He has a chance to prove himself every day in practice. Obviously he has not performed well enough to earn time on the court when the lights go on.

  5. Brad

    Jimmer is more than good enough to play in this league and, when he has gone in, he helps the team. You look at his stats and compare them to others in the league and he is doing well… when he plays. Jimmer is the type of player that you have got to get into a pattern. At BYU he would have nights where you would say… what are you doing but then in the second half he would come alive and destroy the other team. For Jimmer to be successful he has got to get the minutes and until coaches understand that he will not be the star that he can be. Utah would be better off with him than without him and he would put butts in the seats. Can he play D… Yeah if you want him to.

  6. Steve

    Why would the Jazz want him. What has he shown in the NBA? Nothing. In college he was a ball hog and very selfish. Dave Rose let him do what ever and that doesn’t happen in the NBA. Europe here he comes.

  7. NoodleKaboodle

    I think it would be terrible for the Jazz and Jimmer if he came back to Utah. While he is a hero to 50% of the fans, the other half will not like him right off the bat(although if he played really well i’d bet fans of the U of U and the Jazz would be able to look past his college career) I think the role for Jimmer might be an early in his career JR Smith type gunner. Put him in the game for 5-10 minutes with a green light at 3, if he’s missing don’t play him the rest of the game, if he’s hitting let him shoot till he misses.

  8. Captain L

    Jimmer has the skills to play in the nba but he needs the right team and situation, he isn’t the best on defense so he probably needs a team with someone like Chandler (Knicks), if Favors proves to be that kind of a player on D for the Jazz, then Jimmer would be a good fit with the Jazz, the Jazz could really use Jimmers skill set, he can handle, create and shoot and we could use guards like that.

  9. Y ask Y

    Jimmer was overrated and is washed up before he ever got started.

    I hate to say I told you so, but… well, I don’t hate to say it at all!

    I told you so!

  10. Ronald Uharriet

    I believed from the start, that Jimmer belonged with the Utah Jazz. It was a mistake for the Jazz not to have drafted him. Jimmer had already established his fan club following in Utah.
    He is loved and followed by Utah fans. Jimmer can sell seat tickets like nobody else in Utah.
    People that don’t aways follow basketball would come to see him play.

    I hope that Jazz makes room for Jimmer now.

  11. Darrel R. Thompson

    I remember being unable to get in games because I wasn’t tall…on one occasion I inserted myself into the game, stole the ball from the opposing guard and then dished an assist at the other end on consecutive possessions, and was then taken out and ignored the rest of the game…its about egos and who you are as much as ability, and we all know the egomania that’s been going on with Jimmer’s current team.

  12. poyman

    And you know this 2fer from personal observations??? The guy needs and deserves a real chance… If he falls flat then so be it… But that has not happened in 2 years… In fact, as one who watches everyone of his games, I can say there were times when he was sensational… Only to be sent to the bench the next game… Fredette is the real deal… It takes someone willing to give him a shot to see that…

  13. S Sherwood

    I would love to see Jimmer head to Europe. Many BYU stars flourished there, and it was a great missionary opportunity also. The NBA is nothing more than a gang of tattooed spoiled brats with big mouths. I’m sick of them and stopped following the NBA after Stockton and Malone left. It isn’t interesting anymore.

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