Hey, you, Clippers! Leave those banners alone!


            The Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers have shared the Staples Center since 1999-2000. It has worked out fine. The only problem is, the Lakers have all the championship banners. Which makes the Clippers feel bad.

But this year, new Clippers coach Doc Rivers has instructed his people on game days to cover all those Laker banners with pictures of his own players.

            I can understand the Clippers’ point. On the other hand, they knew the Lakers’ legacy when they agreed to share the building. Covering  banners at this stage is like a roommate who suddenly decides to redecorate the apartment without checking with anyone.

            The Lakers earned those banners. The Clippers should deal with it. I don’t blame them for chafing at the Lakers’ success. But instead of covering the banners, the Clippers should just go earn their own. Then nobody has to feel left out.

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