Where’s the real bullying?

A high school football coach in Texas stands accused of bullying, following his team’s 91-0 win, last week.

According to ESPN, the accusation doesn’t come from the opposing players and coaches. Rather, it’s an angry parent who says that running up the score against his son’s team violated state bullying laws. The case is being reviewed.

Tim Buchanan’s Aledo High football team beat Western Hills last Friday. Buchanan played his substitutes most of the second half and tried to dial down the scoring. But it was an undefeated team against a winless team, and these things happen.

The problem with accusations of running up the score is that often when backups are inserted, they are fighting for playing time. So they don’t just stand there, they play hard and things get out of hand.

As for bullying, that’s an entirely different thing. What if a player scores 50 points in a basketball game? Is he bullying an opponent, rather than simply embarrassing him? What about a lineman that dominates a smaller opponent?

The story said the Aledo players didn’t talk trash and that the Western Hills coach did not consider it bullying. But one parent did. There are mercy rules in 6-man football in Texas  but not 11-man.

There is a silver lining to this story: Maybe Congress will get the message.

Seems to me there’s bullying on both sides of that line of scrimmage.

The difference is that one arena is designed for competition. The other, I hope, is made for compromise and cooperation.

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