Nash midseason retirement wouldn’t be a first


          I see where Steve Nash is reportedly considering a mid-season retirement due to back problems. If so, that’s too bad. I’m sure he felt he could get through one final season.

            That’s the hard thing with the best competitors – they always think they can play through the pain. Still, more power to him. He’s had a great career. He can quit any time he wants and it won’t change my opinion.

Deseret News photo

Deseret News photo

            It does remind me of the time former Utah all-America Tom Chambers quit midseason.

            Upset over something Jerry Sloan did during a game, Chambers quit. In February.

            The retirement lasted all of two days. It was one of the stranger occurrences that season (1993-94)

            Here’s a link to the story.

            In Nash’s case, a retirement would be for  reasons other than disagreeing with the coaches. And it would be permanent.

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