Kreis exits the right way

            When Jason Kreis finally admitted Tuesday that he was leaving Real Salt Lake, it was almost a relief. It had been a poorly kept secret for months. He did nothing to quiet the rumors when he became emotional at his final press conference after the MLS Cup final in Kansas City.Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 8.17.02 AM

            Normally the guy, post-game, is as stoic as a monument.

            But I don’t hear a lot of complaints. He spent seven years coaching the team, before New York City FC made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. It’s illogical to think a 41-year-old coach would spend the next 25 years coaching in Utah.

            Thing is, Kreis often tells people he is a perfectionist.

            Salt Lake isn’t the perfect place to coach soccer.

            It has a nice fan base that loved him, even though he wasn’t exactly a warm personality. But it loved his winning.

            Besides, Kreis left the right way. He stayed a good long time in Utah. He wasn’t a one-and-done guy, which is essentially what Urban Meyer was at Utah. John L. Smith didn’t even coach a football game at Weber before taking another job.

            I can see where people resent those guys.

            Kreis can’t be blamed for moving.

            But the best part of his decision was how he handled it: He never said he was staying.

            A lot of coaches could learn from that.

            Sometimes there’s much to be said for just saying nothing.

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