Is “local” good for Weber State?

            You have to wonder how many contacts Weber State’s search committee has outside the state of Utah.

            On Thursday it hired Ute assistant coach Jay Hill to coach the Wildcats. Other names that came up: ex-BYU assistant Brandon Doman, ex-BYU head coach Gary Crowton and current SUU coach Ed Lamb.

            Yes, there’s a common thread.

            They’re all “local.”

            That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Hill, who has spent 13 years at Utah, knows instate recruiting and what he can reasonably get at Weber.  In past years, Weber has hired Dave Arslanian, son of former Weber head coach Sark Arslanian, and Ron McBride, the longtime Utah head coach.

            Big Sky schools tend to be farm clubs for FBS (Division I-A) schools. Sonny Lubick, Bobby Hauck, Joe Glenn and Mick Dennehy all left Montana, for instance, to coach at bigger schools. The younger Arslanian went on to coach at Utah State.

            In hiring “locals,” Weber gets a known commodity. But it also gets coaches who might want to stay awhile, rather than move at the first opportunity. In that sense, the hiring of Hill makes considerable sense.

            Besides, it should provide a lot of good headlines about the program being “at the top of the Hill.”

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