Ex-Ute weighs in on head injuries

            Head injuries are a major football issue nowadays – both inside and outside the NFL.

            But don’t expect ex-NFLer and ex-Ute Andre Dyson to call for more legislation.

            He’s not in favor of dirty hits. Nor is he in favor of profiteering.

            “It’s hard, because I mean people don’t understand, you can get head injuries anywhere,” he said in an interview last week. Dyson played seven years as a cornerback in the NFL.

AP Photo

AP Photo

            Dyson quoted a study (he couldn’t recall the details) saying girls’ basketball and soccer get more concussions than boys’ basketball and soccer.

            “But you can get concussions anywhere,” he said. “What happens is you start talking about all that (NFL) money and people start talking about lawsuits and all that stuff…it becomes a big battle, and you’re taking away from what it is.

            “And now they’re trying to make football into basketball because of someone over here that figured out a way to (say), Hey, I know how we can get us some money, I don’t want to work any more, lets figure out a way to get some money….”

              Dyson went on to say the NFL is protecting its interests.

            “It’s like, well, ‘These guys (ex-players) are trying to get some money from us, I don’t want the guys who are playing right now to try to get money from us later on, so for now let’s protect ourselves,’ so it’s just one big circle….next thing you know it’s, ‘Oh, he got hit hard so now the rule is you can only tackle here, and I’m gonna fine you cause we know we gotta pay these guy back the money, so we’ll fine you.'”

            Dyson said nobody condones dirty hits, but “I don’t even know how to tackle a receiver now. It’s like, ‘Where do I hit him?’ I don’t understand how you keep moving fast, and you’re trying to tackle, but do not hit him here. It’s impossible.”

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